Fine Art Museum Prints
Studio Blunier is proud to offer the best quality museum prints with a painterly style that mirrors the old masters' works. These prints are made to become family heirlooms and to be displayed as art work in the home. Please contact us for a sample of the work we can do for you.

Prices start at $399.00


Images with Full Release Rights
We realize there will be times when you would like an image for reprint purposes such as for use on websites, to make a collage for a loved one, for a rolling slideshow or screensaver, etc. For these purposes, we offer a CD of images with full release rights to be used in any manner you wish with unlimited reprints.

CD Images may only consist of prints that have already been purchased

Single image  |  $50
5 images  |  $150
15 images  |  $400


Portrait Sizes
Wall size - 30x40  |  $260
Easel Size 20x24  |  $180
Shelf Size 11x14 or 12x12  |  $125
Accent Size 16x20  |  $135
Desk Size 8x10  |  $45
16x20 Signature board  |  $85


Gift Portraits
5x7 or 4x6  |  $20
8 wallets  |  $20

Thank you for your interest! We encourage you to contact us for more information at 309-613-8394.